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I haven’t been active in this space for a long time now. The main reason for this is because I haven’t been in the position to do some of the more exciting educational things I once was in a position to do.

I did also briefly move over to Steemit, where I did write a few posts about some of my educational adventures, you can read them here, if interested:


Perhaps I’ll repost some of the above on this site.

The truth is, however, that whilst I have done some interesting stuff in the past couple of years (including an awesome stage 3 Horrible Histories project, a carnival games science project, and making it through to the finals in this year’s Western Sydney Airport Minecraft Competition), I haven’t really been in the space where any of this has inspired me enough to actively blog about it.

This general lack of inspiration has in part lead to me taking a year’s leave in 2020 to pursue other interests. These include working at a couple of universities in their education faculties, some casual teaching closer to home, and perhaps some further postgraduate research studies in environmental science.

I’m also currently in New Zealand where I’m about to meet my nephew and hike/kayak some of of this beautiful country’s infamous Te Araroa Trail. I’ll be posting about those adventures here on this blog in the very near future.

Hopefully my hiatus in 2020 will lead to a renewed passion for education, and perhaps some doors may open up elsewhere. Who knows.

In any case, I thought I may as well post an update, for whatever it’s worth.

Do feel free to follow my adventures, and thanks for reading.

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