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Hogs, cogs, logs and puggles: metaphors for teamwork.

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A number of people have asked that I share these so I thought that I’d share them here.

In my classroom, I like to engage in project-based learning with my students as often as time allows. If you’ve ever looked into PBL, you’d know by now that one of the focusses of this form of pedagogy is developing competencies in what are sometimes termed ’21st Century Skills’, two of which are communication and collaboration. To help foster the latter of these skills, collaboration, most of my class projects in some way involve having students work together in teams.

Early last year I had my K/1 class come up with a few criteria regarding what constitutes a good team member, and using those criteria, I developed a teamwork rubric that I could use in order to assess my students on how well they were progressing and help boost their collaborative awesomeness. I blogged about it here, but neglected to add a link where you could download the rubric to either use with your own class or to develop your own with your students. I’m adding the link below in the hope that it might come in handy for anyone who reads this post.

It basically works like this. Everybody (including the teacher) begins as an egg (pretty good), as they get better at each of the criteria they are bumped along the scale to first become a puggle (juvenile echidna, getting better) before becoming a full grown echidna (completely awesome) in all their spiky collaborative team member glory. Of course, regular class discussions are had around teamwork and how being good at any of the criteria makes a good team member. Also, when the opportunities arise for ‘just in time’ learning outside of teamwork situations, discussions around collaboration often occur.

Another poster I like to use to frame the conversation around teamwork is the ‘Hogs, logs and cogs’ poster that I put below. This is cool for getting kids to think how working together is kind of like acting as one big machine where everybody has their own role to play. You all have to work together like separate, yet connected cogs of the one big machine. I sometimes talk about how the class itself is one big machine and that we all need to work together to help each other learn.

I learned about the three different types of team member after a conversation with a colleague late last year, thought it was hilarious and a great mnemonic for kids. They are as follows.

Hogs: take over and do not share

Logs: do nothing at all

Cogs: work together as part of the team

Kids understand the language well and for the most part would like to be a good team member. When I notice a particular team being awesome I give them a prize of some sort, a class award or merit certificate at assembly to publicly acknowledge that collaboration is awesome. I do have a recent photo somewhere of my students’ names all clustered around the puggle for working together, perhaps I’ll add it here later.

You can download the progress chart and teamwork poster by clicking on the images below.

Thanks for reading.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.11.12 am Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.10.38 am

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