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#Kindersunite! Sharing our learning with kindy kids from across the globe!

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So last week I blogged about the Awesome Aussie Animals project I’ve been doing with @K1MEPS. If there’s any greater testament to the power of social media for providing an avenue for engaging students with exciting, real world learning for an authentic audience than what follows, I’d kindly request that you send it my way so that I can be privy to such inspirational work.

My blog post was retweeted by a few lovely tweeps, and by the powers of the Twitterverse that be, managed to come to the attention of some lovely educators from Promise Road Elementary in Noblesville, Indiana – which seems to be an epic, newly established PBL pilot school over in America.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this is what happened. I got into a Twitter conversation with Callie Moore, an enthusiastic and easy going kindy teacher from Promise Road, and we decided to become each others authentic audience for the animals projects we are both learning through with our classes. Promise Road kindy are learning about animals in Indiana, and @K1MEPS are learning about native Australian animals. Below you can view the cuteness of our introductory videos that have come about as a result our chance meeting.

If the link above isn’t working properly, the direct link is here. Yay!


K/1L spent a lot of time on Friday preparing and recording the video below for the kinders at Promise Road. We had loads of fun!

I love it, I love PBL, and I’m so looking forward to all of the learning we’ll be doing together! Enjoy!

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