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#ProjectAwesome13 continues…

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For the last couple of lessons, students have been using the timeline and mind mapping tools from my last post to plan which memorable life events that they want to include in their narratives. They have also been thinking about how they want to represent their stories.

Most of the students have been doing pretty well with thinking about what they want to include in their story, and how they want to represent it, with only a few students needing any significant amount of help. It’s been interesting to see the different ways that students have decided to share their stories.

Some have chosen to use Lego, some to create a painting. Others have chosen to make their own ‘Draw My Life’ episodes after seeing them in class last week. A few of the students have decided that they want to make games, one of whom has decided to include both good and bad events in his life story, in a snakes and ladders type scenario, in which you roll a die and go forward when landing on a good event and backwards when you land on a bad event!

Unfortunately we really only have the rest of the week to finish all of these creations, because next week is my last week, and we want students to present what they have been doing to their parents at the school next Tuesday afternoon. This means that students need to start producing their stories as soon as they can.

So this afternoon we hammered through the final stages of getting students to work out their timeline. There were a few students who were away last Friday when we got started with this, so they were already behind the others, but in the last hour or so of the afternoon today we all worked together and everybody was able to get where they needed to be.

It was a very noisy and busy way to end the day, the main difficulty of which was figuring out how to cater for all of the students who were at very different stages of their project. Some only needed a little bit of time to finish their timelines, whilst others needed some assistance in pulling together a few more events to include in their stories. This meant that there were a few students who had finished their timelines and needed to be moved on to the next stage of their planning whilst the others finished working out what they were going to include in their. Luckily Michael was straight onto this and those students who had finished the timeline were able to go ahead and start thinking about the initial stages of designing their things.

Below are some photos of some of the initial ideas that students have come up with.

Emma wants to make a game called ‘Dictionary E!’

Benno is going to make a ‘Draw My Life’ video

Jade wants to make a Lego representation of her life

I’m really looking forward to seeing how they all turn out!

One thought on “#ProjectAwesome13 continues…

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