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MacIntyre small schools’ cross-country carnival.

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Yesterday North Star Public School travelled out to Bogabilla Central School to take part in the MacIntyre small schools’ cross-country event. I’m not sure how many schools are connected within the MacIntyre small schools’ community, but the schools that turned up yesterday were North Star, Croppa Creek, Yetman and Bogabilla – there may have been another school or two but I can’t remember, hopefully Michael will remind me if there was.
Bogabilla is about 40 kilometres north of North Star and pretty much right on the NSW-Queensland border, so when we got there at about 10:45 am it was nice and sunny, and pretty warm.

We walked into the school and asked for directions to the track, and on following the path toward the COLA where the official starting line was, we noticed some smoke rising out of the bushes which lined the path. We asked about this and were told that there had been a brown snake hiding in the garden so they had set fire to the leaf litter in order to smoke it out! To our relief the snake had been captured and removed form the vicinity. 🙂

The cross-country track consisted of a line of grass that had been mowed down by tractor, and so as to give the students some familiarity with the course everybody walked a single 1 km lap.

The juniors (years 3 & 4) had to run the course twice for a total of 2 kilometres and the seniors (years 5 & 6) had to run an an additional kilometre on a separate track which went outside of the school grounds and back in over a cattle grid (covered by ply) at one of the school entrances further down the road. As one of the teachers, my job was to stand under a tree and ensure that students followed the track without going astray – life’s tough, huh?

I must admit that I felt a bit sorry for some of the students as they did their best to complete the course in the strong, northern NSW sun, but they all put in such an excellent effort and each and every student completed the course. Top work!

The North Star students did exceptionally well, taking out all three of the top spots in the senior boys’ category and two of the top spots in the junior girls. I’m sure there were some North Star students who made it into the top 3 in the other categories too, but I’ll have to check and update it here later. In any case, regardless of position, all of the students did really well to complete the course.

As an aside, Bogabilla has a massive scrap yard and on the way in Michael and I noticed that there was a nice Kombi lowlight sitting next to the fence. On the way back through we stopped to see if they had some sliding windows for my ’74 camper, but no luck.

So the day was good, the kids did really well at the cross-country, and I get to tick Kombi shopping in Bogabilla off of my bucket-list in addition to seeing the sanctioned lighting of a fire in the school grounds, in the name of community safety! 🙂

One thought on “MacIntyre small schools’ cross-country carnival.

  1. I’m glad you got to experience some uniqueness for the trip to Boggabilla Central School.

    The MacIntyre Small Schools are made up of North Star, Yetman, Croppa Creek, Tulloona, Boggabilla and Toomelah. These schools compete against each other each year in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. It is a wonderful connection between our local small schools.

    Our students are such committed sports people and they train every day for several weeks before the cross country events. It is always great to see them succeed as you know they have earned their result.

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