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Six word memoirs with North Star 3, 4, 5 + 6!

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With the launch of Project Awesome we started looking at 6 word memoirs. The North Star students wrote down their ideas for 6 word memoirs and tweeted some of them out with the @northstar3456 Twitter account. Some of these memoirs were also blogged over at the North Star 3, 4, 5 + 6 edublog.

We continued with the 6 word memoirs today by getting the students to have a go at this activity. It’s a pretty cool exercise which gives students some hands on experience with basic HTML coding.
Essentially students need to locate the section of code referring to the text which overlays the image in order to change the phrase into their own 6 word memoir.

We also got the students to search through creative commons licensed images and use the URLs for where these images were located to replace the URL for the image in the template linked to above. It’s pretty neat because it gets kids looking at code and taking steps toward understanding how it works. It also opens up a meaningful discussion around copyright and ethical online behaviour.

Some of the students still need to finish their 6 word memoirs off, and others might want to make some additional modifications, but they should have them finished in the next day or so! 

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