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Road trip to North Star.

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Last Saturday the time finally came for me to make the trip up to North Star.

I’ll post some photos up when I get some access to the Internet that’s more reliable than where I’m currently staying in Croppa Creek, but for now, I’ll write of the journey.

Janie Kibble is a lovely lady who I began talking to on Twitter a while ago, mainly due to the fact that Janie has been a teacher in rural areas for a long time and took an interest in the fact that I was going up to North Star for my prac. Janie also very kindly offered me a place to stay while on the way up to North Star – so that’s how, after leaving early on Saturday morning, I ended up parking my Kombi in Janie’s shed and spending the night just outside of Tamworth.

It was very generous of Janie and her family to have me for the night. Her daughter made us all pizza and we all sat and spoke for a few hours about education and travel, life in general. I should also mention that the drive up was interesting; I had to stop and check out a few places on one of the tourist drives as I was making quite good time and Janie told me slow down!! 🙂

The next day saw me leaving quite early after saying goodbye to Janie’s horse, and her dog, ‘Pup’ and heading off to North Star. I’d planned to stop and get a present for Marian Thatcher, the principal up at North Star, however being a Sunday, the shops at Tamworth didn’t open until 10am, so I decided to take a shortcut shown to me the night before. I got lost and had to turn back, but not before seeing the excellent Moonbi lookout!

After leaving Tamworth, the towns quite quickly become smaller, and the chances of me getting that present for Marian gradually disappeared. In the afternoon I reached the turnoff for North Star, and that’s when I realised that I would be staying in what could essentially be called ‘The Outback’ for the next month. Awesome!

One thought on “Road trip to North Star.

  1. Welcome to North Star, hoping you have a great time while you’re here.

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