Lee Hewes

is totes becoming a teacher…

Heading rural for a prac at North Star.


So I’m heading off to North Star the day after tomorrow. It’s been a bit of a journey already getting everything approved with uni, working out accommodation, and all that.

Michael and I have been trying to collaborate wherever possible in between our busy schedules to organise a project that we’ll be working on with North Star 3, 4, 5, 6 while I’m there. We’re quite separated geographically, so Google docs has been a really effective tool in connecting and planning this stuff together.

A link to the Google doc that we’ve been collaborating on is below. It’s messy, as all good stuff is, but it’s really helped me get my head around the whole process.

Project Awesome

We’d intended to use the online program planner for the new syllabus via BOS to link all of this to intended outcomes, etc. But, as it tends to do, life (in my case uni and family commitments), kinda got in the way.

I look forward to working this out in greater detail, but I’m more looking forward to getting up there and seeing how it all goes.

4 thoughts on “Heading rural for a prac at North Star.

  1. Congrats on this prac. What a huge learning curve both socially & professionally. Hard to leave the family but you will be “adopted” by Mike, K & crew. Great family who came for lunch here on way to the big smoke at Christmas. Will be keeping an eye out for updates! Enjoy the teaching & the learning!

  2. Really looking forward to your arrival, Lee. I’m really hoping you’ll have a worthwhile and interesting experience on your prac up here in North Star.

    It has definitely been great using Google Docs to discuss and plan the unit. Messy it may be, but I’ve enjoyed the thought processes behind it all. I don’t often get to work directly with someone, so it is nice to get the opportunity too. I found Docs a really good way to collaborate, a bit fiddly when both were typing discussion points at the same time, but the comments would possibly tidy that up.

    Anyway, look forward to seeing you on Sunday and I’ll have the kids amped up for your first day Monday!

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