Lee Hewes

is totes becoming a teacher…

Organising my prac placements via Twitter.

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I value honesty. If I’m to be entirely honest, I’d have to say that I deeply value honesty. So, to be honest, I’m not entirely certain of why I’m posting this.

Actually, to be more honest, that’s not true at all … I’m posting this as a means of present and future reflection.

I’ve mixed emotions toward Twitter at times. I think, as with anything that you become emotionally and personally engaged with, there are frustrations that can not be avoided. But one of the things that I like about Twitter is the randomness of the connections and discussions that you make and become involved in. I can give several examples of this, but what I’m most interested in at the moment are a couple of connections that I have made as part of my studying to become a teacher.

I’d been considering embarking on the long journey to becoming a teacher for quite some time before I logged in to Twitter, but it was engaging with so many edu-based conversations on Twitter that inadvertently helped inspire me to make the final decision to leave what I was doing to enroll in a Master’s of Teaching.

And now, somewhat randomly…

I’ve managed to find my supervising teachers for professional experience via Twitter!

Part of my Twitter journey was stumbling upon #ozprimschchat (a weekly Twitter chat about all things primary school) where I met and began talking to Michael Sky who teaches up at North Star Public School. This Twitter connection led to my arranging with Michael to go up to North Star to complete a month-long teaching experience block with him and his class of students in years 3, 4, 5, and 6.

From there I will go on to work with a stage 1, year 2 class at Merrylands East Public School with Ashleigh Cantanzariti, and this connection was also made through Twitter.

I’ve run into some bureaucratic and administrative hurdles throughout this endeavour, but these were mainly due to miscommunications and a lack of foresight on my own part.

I’m quite excited by the whole experience, really. And it’s fitting that my pre-placement visit to North Star consisted of a twitter Q&A between me and the Phenomenal 15. The link to the Storify is the emoticon below:


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