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Black Sabbath’s Iron Man Riff in Minecraft Note Blocks

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This was my first attempt at automating Minecraft note blocks to play (part of) a song. I’d never really used Redstone before so the whole thing was rather experimental.

To increase my motivation for doing the whole thing, I decided to try to include some chords in the progression and go with a cool song like Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’ – yeah, rock!

Minecraft lends itself naturally to experimenting and learning and is an absolute delight to play, my kids love it and I had many conversations during my prac with students which centered around Minecraft.

The game has immediately obvious classroom applications, such as building things that have been studied in class and sharing videos and screenshots of builds online, as opposed to drawing things on a piece of paper and sticking them on the wall at the back of the classroom, or hanging them from the ceiling.

However I find the fact that you can create and/or reproduce music in Minecraft particularly interesting. I think that it provides an opportunity to elaborate and extend upon music lessons in a way that may be more interesting and less anxiety ridden (for some), than playing the Glockenspiel.

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