Lee Hewes

is totes becoming a teacher…

Welcome to the Waginski Blog


I’m studying to become a primary teacher at Sydney University.

This blog is a journal where I’m going to post about my experiences on my journey from student to teacher, and beyond.

My best friend and wife, Bianca is an epic teacher, she’s done stuff that’s completely rad. She inspired me to become a teacher too.

Nice to meet you :-)

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Waginski Blog

  1. Hey Lee…I psyched to follow your journey here. If someone had told me in college that I’d become an elementary school teacher, I wouldn’t have believed it. Many years ago, I was in an exploring teaching seminar with other undergraduates. The class was divided into two groups, and I sat with the group considering teaching high school. I noticed though that the other group, those considering elementary school teaching, was laughing and having way more fun than my group. I decided to check it out and quickly made the switch. Teaching at the elementary level is the best. Good luck!

    • Thanks Stephen,
      It certainly sounds like you made the right decision!
      My experiences with my cohort of upcoming primary/elementary teachers kind of mirror your comments. They’re a great bunch and we all get along quite naturally.
      I appreciate your comment and hope you enjoy reading about my journey!
      Lee 🙂

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